New Premises

We have officially moved into the new studio at the Dorset Centre for the Creative Arts. This exciting move comes after we decided to relocate to Dorchester in order to set up a practice that would enable us to focus on the scale and sculptural aspect of our work.  

Notarianni Glass @ The Engine Shed Poundbury

Sarah Drew, Director of the Dorset Centre for the Creative Arts “We are thrilled that Notarianni Glass are moving onto the campus of the Dorset Centre for the Creative Arts. There is nothing like seeing high quality craftsmen and women working to inspire us all. This is exactly what the centre stands for and wants to promote, through exhibition and quality teaching of the Arts.”

Amanda Notarianni “When we were looking for a new location for our business, Weymouth College’s Stonemasonry department really caught our eye. We were impressed with their craft and wanted to base our company close by. At the time of viewing possible locations we had no idea that we would end up right next to them. It’s great to know that we will be alongside like-minded creative individuals that value skill. We’re hoping to use stone within our work along the way, hopefully there will be the exchange of ideas that creativity thrives on.”

Charlie Macpherson “Living in Dorset and especially by the Jurassic coast is a beautiful and inspiring place. Moving to the Poundbury campus at the Dorset Centre for the Creative Arts will enable us to grow our company through the ability to offer a range of workshops such as glass blowing, cold working the glass, and kiln work. We’re really looking forward to this new adventure.”